Social Media Management

Social media nowadays is essential in your digital marketing plan. No one can deny that, as almost all your customers will be using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube..etc, and that urges you to depend on IZDAHER to manage your Social Media channels.

Social Media is Important for your Business

It is very obvious why you should manage your social media channel, and promote your product through it. As your customers there, you have to keep posting and launching campaigns to:

  • Raise your brand awareness among users, prospects, and customers.
  • Increase your leads and thought leadership
  • Share content that you create on different channels, and get viral with your stories.
  • Get more engagement with your customers, and receive clearer feedback from them.
  • Get more data about your customers, by analyzing their activity on your channels and campaigns.

Why Social Media with IZDAHER?

IZDAHER introduces Social Media Management service for your company to expand your presence and spread your brand:

Social Media Strategy

We design your Social Media Strategy by outlining:

  • Your social media goals
  • Tactics will be used
  • Target persona
  • Competitor analysis on social media
  • Monitor trends and benchmarks
  • Manage pages and accounts
  • Create a calendar and develop
  • Content that will suit your audience
  • Metrics to track and measure your progress.

Social Media Channels

IZDAHER Manages your Social media channels and day-to-day process:

  • Moderate posts and comments.
  • Reply to messages, inquiries, and questions.
  • Create campaigns and manage them till the end
  • Create different content types and post it
  • Monthly audit and measurement for your social media process

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