Marketing Strategy

Measurements & Analytics

Measuring the results of your Digital Marketing Strategy with IZDAHER let you evaluate your online presence, and choose the right tactics to gain more customers and increase your growth. This service let us know how our Online efforts work, and how to improve them.

Why Measurements and Analytics are so important?

For many reasons:

  • Measurements keep a track of your goals.
  • Help you to understand the performance of your business online.
  • Identify which data, goals, KPIs, segments, and targets should be measured
  • Collect accurate and relevant data, which gives accurate reports.
  • Determine a more precise ROI.
  • Evaluate your work on all digital marketing channels.

How IZDAHER work on measuring your digital marketing activities?

IZDAHER measure all your online activities like:

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media pages and campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

And that gives you a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of your online efforts, here are some of the measurements that we implement in your work:

  • Website traffic, bounce rate, ranking, and other statistics.
  • Conversion rates in campaigns and landing pages
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Cost per acquisition
  • ROI

And others.

Other Marketing Strategy Services

IZDAHER helps you to govern all Digital Marketing elements and steps, to guarantee your success online.


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