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Competitors Analysis

Competitors Analysis in digital marketing is running research and analysis to discover the marketing strategies and business characteristics of the companies in your market or industry.

It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your potential competitors, show the position of your company among them, and how to overcome your problems to outrun them.

Why you should run competitor analysis online?

As your main competitors change their positions in the market is constantly, you had to analyze them frequently.

And to keep yourself on track, you should study the market all the time, and that to know the variables, changes, and how to cope with them.

So it is important to run competitor analysis online for the following reasons

Update Benchmarks

Check the activity of competitors, to know the best tactics which lead to best results online, and compare it to your work.

Follow Market Trends

Knowing online trends is putting your hand on new techniques, which are used in the market to serve customers' interests changes.

Discover New Practices and its Effectiveness

Monitor a full experience of a competitor with new channels, to know the successful one from the other, which you should avoid. That saves your time and efforts.

Assess your goals

By knowing changes in markets you will need to change in your tactics, strategy, or even in your goals and objectives.

IZDAHER helps you in Competitive Analysis

At IZDAHER, we offer marketing strategy services that follow innovative techniques to research the competitors’ activities.

And here we wrap up our work to run a Digital Competitive Analysis for you:

  • Identifying Your Competitors: Choosing the right competitors in your market or industry, and focusing on their online work.
  • Investigate their Social Media activity including Ads campaigns.
  • Track your competitor’s PPC efforts, by analyzing their keywords through SEO tools.
  • Evaluate their content in all channels.
  • Analyze all data extracted from our work on your competitors' online activity.

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Get more data about your competitors with IZDAHER & expand in the market!