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Buyer's Persona

The buyer’s persona is an imaginary profile of your customer based on data and research, that helps you to design your products in the way that suits them. IZDHAER helps you in creating your buyer’s persona, to build your Digital Marketing Strategy efficiently.

The importance of Buyer’s Persona to your business:

Buyer personas help you understand your customers, which gives you a better opportunity to:

  • Tailor your services to meet the needs, interests, and concerns of your target segments.
  • Create a Content plan that educates, interacts, and promotes your service to the right customer.
  • Gaining subscribers that had an interest in your products, which means better emailing lists, and thus optimized newsletters and email content.

Producing suitable content and newsletter gives you more efficient feedback from customers, which helps you to:

  • Know more about your buyer’s persona, and develop them.
  • Upgrade your products according to the new data you got from feedback.

IZDAHER helps you to create Buyer’s Persona:

IZDAHER uses research and data to identify your Buyer’ Persona, and that is done by the following:

  • Have a meeting with you to talk about your products, customers, and goals in the market.
  • Use all online data about your customers to create their profiles.
  • Use their feedback, interactions, and any other online activity.
  • Use Landing pages, forms, and online surveys to know the position of each prospect in the
  • Buyer’s Journey, which figures more about the persona.

After that, we create the Buyer’s Persona profiles, which contain:

  • The Customer’s Demographic information
  • Their interests and behavior
  • Professions and industries.
  • Motivation and constraints.
  • Having full information about your Buyer’s persona let your customer targeting more accurate and effective.

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Go with IZDAHER in the journey of exploring your Buyer’s Persona and grow!