Email Marketing

Email marketing is a process in which you create an email list of your customers, to inform them of your new products, offers, and other services.

Besides that, it can include content that educates them by:

  • News and updates on the market
  • Their pain points and the solutions in the market
  • Your values and competitive advantage, and how your service is better than others.
  • Keep them engaged with every purchase.

Why You Need Email Marketing for Your Business?

More than 4.03 billion people use email, most of them are Millennials, who were born between 1981 to 1996, and they spend about six hours on their email daily.

That means you should optimize your emails and newsletters to reach your target audience through this important channel.

That will help you to:

  • Create personalized content for each group of personas
  • Get more feedback from your customers through surveys and data analytics
  • Improve your sales and purchasing actions.
  • Generate more traffic to your site, by conversions from newsletters
  • Get more leads.
  • Launch affordable campaigns.

How IZDAHER help you in Email Marketing?

We manage all your Email Marketing Processes:

  • Manage email lists and upgrade them regularly.
  • Launch email campaigns as per our plan,
  • Send monthly or weekly newsletters to your customers,
  • Create all content formats used in your emails,
  • Apply all procedures that ensure the highest email deliverability,
  • Launch Nurturing campaigns.
  • Measure metrics of campaigns and all email marketing processes.

Begin Email Marketing with IZDAHER and Connect to your Customers!