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Your website is the first reference of your services, identity, resources, and maybe shop, so building your website should be attracting to users/customers, for easier use, lower bounce rate, and more conversions.

The website has many forms:

  • Business Website
  • E-commerce Website
  • Landing Page

And every business builds its website according to its needs.

In this service, IZDAHER focus on creating original and optimized content for your website, if you need a Web Development service click here.

Importance of good content for your website? 

Good Content depends on two factors, content quality, and the interface or layout of the page. High-Quality Content is important for your business for:

  • Information about your business is easily available for customers.
  • Good and original content raise your authority and thus increase your ranks in SERP.
  • Content distribution in the page layout facilitates your website’s usability, which means higher UX
  • It helps you to reach target audience and customers.

And using good content in will organized layout, raise the quality of the content as it:

  • Increases the prospect's attention to your content.
  • Keeps them on your website longer time, i.e., Lower bounce rate.
  • Get more conversions.

Importance of a Blog on your website:

The blog is a page containing articles, infographics, event posts, and other blog posts. It is like a collective source of educative materials for your customers, which benefits you in many ways:

  • Your articles, ebooks, and ultimate guides prove your mastery in your industry, which means more authority.
  • Your articles are educative and take customers on the buyers’ journey step by step, and guide them to the right action, which means more conversions.
  • Blog posts can be used in social media posts and campaigns.
  • Your Newsletter contains most of the time new articles and blog posts.
  • You can share other content formats inside your blog to get more subscribers.

IZDAHER Creates Your Website Content and Blogging

IZDAHER team receives your website from the developer and begins to build the content of the homepage, pages, and blog, and the service includes:

  • Content Optimization for higher SEO score and rank.
  • Integrate content with design for higher UX.
  • Create all pages’ content, highlighting Products/Services Pages.
  • Creating Landing Pages, and their content for campaigns and conversions.
  • Develop the content of your Shop page for your e-commerce website.

Other Marketing Strategy Services

IZDAHER helps you to govern all Digital Marketing elements and steps, to guarantee your success online.


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